The Winnipeg River begins in Lake of the Woods, Ontario, meanders through boreal shield wilderness and flows into Lake Winnipeg. Despite its rugged beauty, the Winnipeg River was a dangerous route with many rapids and portages.

The Indigenous peoples used the river to move with the seasons and gather for trade. In 1734, members of the La Verendrye expedition arrived on the Winnipeg River and began the westward expansion of European explorers and fur traders. Over the next two centuries, civilization spread onto the frontier. Families settled upon the banks of the Winnipeg River, carved communities out of the wilderness and capitalized on the region’s rich resources.

The Winnipeg River Heritage Museum’s exhibits and interactive displays capture the spirit of the people who have endured and thrived on the river for generations. Discover tales of Indigenous and Métis peoples, trading posts, missionary-established settlements and industry-driven communities. Witness the development of hydroelectric generating stations that changed the Winnipeg River forever. Begin the journey to uncover the Winnipeg River region’s unique history.

Giinawind bemaadizyang ziibiing

Gidanamikaagoom ji-waabandameg jiigiziibiing eyaang. Gaa-okogamigiziyaang wiinge nanaandako-izhi-ayaamagadoon, ani-aayaanjisewa daabishkoo iwe ziibi gaa-daayaang. Aaniin daso-aanikiboojigewining ezhi-meshkwaji-bimaadiziyang aweneniwiyang.

Nous, les gens de la rivière

Vous êtes invites à explorer nos communautés longeant la rivière Winnipeg. Chaque endroit est coloré, dynamique et changeant comme la rivière qui relie nos villages. Pendant des générations, notre quotidien fut influence par la force naturelle qui définit bien ce que nous sommes.

We are the people of the river

We welcome you to explore our Winnipeg River communities. Our communities are as colourful, dynamic and ever-changing as the river on which we have settled. For generations, our daily lives have been influenced by the natural force that defines who we are.

History of the Museum

Winnipeg River Heritage Museum sits on the edge of the Winnipeg River on land donated by one of the first Quebec homesteaders on the river. The museum has been an institution in the community for generations. It is the repository of family memories and community stories. The St-Georges Historical Society Inc. Board of Directors was in the process of redeveloping its exhibits when disaster struck.

In the early hours of May 17, 2014, the village of St-Georges awoke to the news that the St-Georges Museum was ablaze. The Museum had only just undergone a dramatic renovation over the two years prior. Following the theme “We are the People of the River, there were all new exhibits and ambitious plans for the future. As the local fire department battled the flames, volunteers mobilized to help save the museum. They managed to save or salvage much of the collection. While the beloved St-Georges ferry was unscathed, the buildings were not so lucky. The new Winnipeg River Heritage Museum now occupies the same ground.

Many years later, the Winnipeg River Heritage Museum was rebuilt into a modern building which now stands in the same location, looking out onto the Winnipeg River. This would not have been possible without the generous support from the community and our funders, who believed in the Museum’s potential of becoming the beloved and eye-catching historical site it is today.

Our Team

Greatest People of the Winnipeg River

The Greatest People of the Winnipeg River exhibit celebrates the early pioneers, local celebrities and everyone in between, who represent the diversity of dedicated individuals who have their own unique stories, and who have made contributions, whether big or small, to community improvement in the Winnipeg River region.

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