People of the River

At the Winnipeg River Heritage Museum we have a wall that is dedicated to the “Greatest People of the Winnipeg River”. The museum identified the importance of having an exhibit wall to tell the stories of people who shaped the future of the communities along the Winnipeg River. Our young people need to hear about their region and their people, whether they are descendants of the settlers who moved here from Europe or other parts of Canada or the Indigenous People who were here from the onset.

Although the list of names we had was a lot larger than the 43 we have on our wall, we had made the promise to dedicate at least one third of the GRPW wall to showcasing Indigenous and Metis People , one third to women, who are too often forgotten in the stories being told, so then in the end we landed on the 43 portraits of the people who were a part of the building blocks of our communities along the Winnipeg River.

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things” ~Edmund Hillary ~

When visiting the Winnipeg River Heritage Museum, there are interactive IPads that contain info based on the Exhibit that you are viewing. As shown in the photo, the IPad below holds the Biographies in both English and French of each person on our wall.

Portraits done by Sheldon Sveinson


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